Deep learning

Eye-tracking glasses in face-to-face interactions: Manual versus automated assessment of areas-of-interest

Towards partially automated mobile eye-tracker face gaze annotations

Multi-view Real-time 3D Occupancy Map for Machine-patient Collision Avoidance

Using multiple top-down cameras to make a 3D person occupancy map in real-time

Show me where the action is! Automatic capturing and timeline generation for reality TV.

Automatical capturing of cinematographically pleasing footage, along with generating meta-data (time-lines) to reduce the search space for the editor.

Anyone here? Smart embedded low-resolution omnidirectional video sensor to measure room occupancy

Using temporal data to enhance performance on low resolution occupancy sensing on omnidirectional images.

How Low Can You Go? Privacy-preserving People Detection with an Omni-directional Camera

Exploring the performance-privacy-speed trade-off while detecting people on omnidirectional images.

Automated Analysis of Eye-Tracker-Based Human-Human Interaction Studies

Can person detectors automate human-human mobile eye-tracking analysis?

Human Pose Matching

Paper following a Master Thesis - Vergelijken van menselijke 2D poses en hun ruimtelijke relatie met de achtergrond scene

Building Robust Industrial Applicable Object Detection Models Using Transfer Learning and Single Pass Deep Learning Architectures

Can new deep learning techniques be used in real industrial cases?