Real-time Embedded Person Detection and Tracking for Shopping Behaviour Analysis

Example security footage image used in processing, with a possible heatmap as output.


Shopping behaviour analysis through counting and tracking of people in shop-like environments offers valuable information for store operators and provides key insights in the stores layout (e.g. frequently visited spots). Instead of using extra staff for this, automated on-premise solutions are preferred. These automated systems should be cost-effective, preferably on lightweight embedded hardware, work in very challenging situations (e.g. handling occlusions) and preferably work real-time. We solve this challenge by implementing a real-time TensorRT optimized YOLOv3-based pedestrian detector, on a Jetson TX2 hardware platform. By combining the detector with a sparse optical flow tracker we assign a unique ID to each customer and tackle the problem of loosing partially occluded customers. Our detector-tracker based solution achieves an average precision of 81.59% at a processing speed of 10 FPS. Besides valuable statistics, heat maps of frequently visited spots are extracted and used as an overlay on the video stream.

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems