Timothy Callemein is a passionate computer vision scientist at the EAVISE research group. He is currently doing an industrial PhD titled “Scene understanding for autonomous cinematographically-aware recordings” working closely with industrial partners. Apart from research, he teaches two lab courses to the masters, “Image interpretation” and “Smart Embedded Electronics”.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Embedded platforms
  • Multi-modality
  • Science communication


  • Doctor of Engineering Technology, 2021

    KU Leuven - EAVISE

  • MEng in Electronics - ICT, 2016

    KU Leuven - Campus De Nayer

  • BSc in Electronics - ICT, 2014

    Thomas More - Campus De Nayer

Recent Publications

Eye-tracking glasses in face-to-face interactions: Manual versus automated assessment of areas-of-interest

Towards partially automated mobile eye-tracker face gaze annotations

Multi-view Real-time 3D Occupancy Map for Machine-patient Collision Avoidance

Using multiple top-down cameras to make a 3D person occupancy map in real-time

Show me where the action is! Automatic capturing and timeline generation for reality TV.

Automatical capturing of cinematographically pleasing footage, along with generating meta-data (time-lines) to reduce the search space for the editor.

Real-time Embedded Person Detection and Tracking for Shopping Behaviour Analysis

Person tracking for shopping behaviour analysis, optimizing both embedded GPU and CPU usage.

Anyone here? Smart embedded low-resolution omnidirectional video sensor to measure room occupancy

Using temporal data to enhance performance on low resolution occupancy sensing on omnidirectional images.